Satking ProMax Auto Motorised Satellite Dish + Vast DSD4921RV Receiver

Satking Pro-Max Fully Automatic Motorised Satellite TV System bundle offer includes the Altech UEC DSD4921RV receiver. It's small foot print makes for easy install and less issues in high wind.


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Satking Promax + Altech DSD4921RV Satellite Decoder Vast TV Receiver 


The SatKing Pro Max Fully automatic motorised satellite TV dish system is the most advanced system on the market, utilizing the latest in flat panel antenna design. This motorised satellite system suits Foxtel and VAST satellite TV. The unit has dual LNB outputs to suit twin tuner STB’s like Foxtel IQ/Austar MyStar and VAST twin tuner receivers.

Updated 2016 model sees futher improvements to coverage and firmware. Tested in weak signal areas such as Darwin NT and Coral Bay WA


Review sent to us 17/4/2017- 'Afternoon....Gordon Collett here, as I said, I would let you know how the Satking Pro went travelling from WA to Adelaide, now in Moe VIC. The unit was flawless ,worked very well on Vast and Foxtel. We travelled about 250kms and set up in each location, it was great! Thank you for your help and service during the purchase. Kind Regards Gordon Collett' 

Trailer Camper Australia is the largest Satking Authorised Dealer in NSW / ACT and offer full installation of the Satking Pro Max / Vast Satellite Dish Systems. We guarantee all our workmanship. For those looking to purchase from other states and have the unit installed locally we ship out these items daily via TNT Express Freight. Our sales staff are trained & in most instances have 1st hand Caravan or motorhome installation experience. If you have any questions please feel free to call us on 1300 010 513 Mon-Fri 8am - 5.30pm or Sat 8.30am - 12.30pm.


Satking ProMax Fully Automatic Motorised Satellite TV System. It's small foot print makes for easy install and less issues in high wind. Ideal for Foxtel and Vast Digital TV also works with all other Digital TV stations in Australia Sales and installation available for caravan, motorhome and boats. Call 026280419 or visit the website for more details.

Posted by Trailer Camper Australia on Wednesday, May 13, 2015


The SatKing Pro Max is very simple to use simply turn the unit on and the built in GPS system will locate your required satellite very fast. Another great benefit of having a built in GPS system is that if you forget to return the unit to the home position or haven’t wired the vehicle ignition wire to the Pro Max, the motorised dish will automatically retract once the vehicle is travelling above 10Kph (the unit does require 12v or 24v power).

Flat panel satellite antennas also take up a great deal less space on the roof of your van leaving you with more choices for the exact location on your roof in between solar panels and air conditioners. Flat panel satellite TV antennas offer higher signal gain than equivalent size offset satellite TV dishes. The SatKing Pro Max moves on 3 axis meaning the old days of having to manually get up on the roof of the van to adjust LNB skew (turning the LNB clockwise or anti clockwise) when you are travelling from say Melbourne across to Adelaide and then to Perth are gone. The complete head of the antenna simply adjust automatically for you. Automatic skew will also improve the signal quality to assist you further.

The SatKing Pro Max is precision made for Harsh Australian conditions, it is rugged in construction with all main drive gears being metal for long life. The unit is backed with a 3 year Australian warranty. The unit is made in Korea, Korea is famous for making high quality and latest technology products

Key Features of the Satking Pro Max Satellite Dish

• Fully Automatic Fast Alignment, Simple to Use Just Turn on
• Pre-Programmed to Support VAST & Foxtel Services
• Flat Panel Design, Offers Compact Size, Big Performance
• Operates Across Most Parts of Australia*
• Dual Output LNB as Standard to Support Twin Tuner STB’s
• Built in GPS to Find Satellites Fast
• Suits Caravan, Motorhome and Motor Vehicle use
• Minimal Roof Space Required, Compared to Conventional Dishes
• Last Position Memory, to Reduce Search Time
• Automatic Retraction When Vehicle is Started or Exceeds 10KPH
• Automatic LNB Skew as Standard
• Powerful DC Motor with Metal Gears
• Can Be Self Installed, Detailed Instructions and Roof Mounting Kit Included
• 3 Year Warranty
• 1300 Number Support Line
• Made for Harsh Australian Conditions
• Designed and Made in Korea

Link to Satking Pro Max Manual 


How does satellite TV work: 

Satellite TV comes from satellites than are in a geostationary orbit (they don't move and are locked to the earths gravity) so they are always in the same position. Satellite TV providers specially design the beam of the satellite to cover where the population lives or travels. Satellite TV signal is not effected by hills/terrain or distance from terrestrial transmitters like normal terrestrial TV (digital TV) as the signal comes from a satellite in the sky.

Satking PromSatellite signals can be effected by rain, heavy cloud, overhanging trees or by a building blocking the northern sky (the building would need to be very close to the system to block signal). When a satellite signal drops out or can’t be received during a storm or heavy cloud normally you just need to wait until this weather event passes and then normal service should resume. If you are in a lower signal area a lesser rain or cloud event could block the signal, again just wait for the weather to improve for normal service to resume.


Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 520 x 600 x 246 mm
  • Weight: 18.5kg
  • Operating temperature range: -30°C to 60°C

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Flat antenna
  • 1 x Vehicle roof mounting kit
  • 1 x Controller
  • 1 x DC Power cable
  • 1 x Instruction booklet
  • 1 x Colour gift box
  • 1x Altech UEC DSD4921RV Satellite Decoder  
Altech UEC DSD4921RV VAST Satellite TV Box Receiver HD Decoder

Introducing the all new 2018 ALTECH UEC DSD 4921RV. Its the Next Generation VAST Satellite TV Receiver with HD Twin Tuners in-built. Watch & Record High Definition Digital TV at the Same time via this Compact GO Any Where Vast Satellite TV Set Top Box

The Twin Tuner configuration, plus suitable recording device, (Not INCLUDED SIMPLY PLUG IN ANY USB STICK OR PORTABLE USB Hard Drive) allows support for PVR functionality. Record 2 Channels at once!

UEC’s market leading hardware and software ensure the receiver is ‘future proof’ through using latest technology and over the air software upgrade. The hardware is designed to withstand the harsh Australian environment that recreational vehicles are likely to experience including high temperatures, DC over voltage, reverse polarity and short circuit protection.

All of these class leading features are housed in the smallest VAST receiver on the market, making it the perfect solution for Caravan and RV enthusiasts wanting to watch and record their favorite programs whilst traveling.

The DSD 4921 RV is Hybrid Broadband TV (HbbTV) ready with all key software features to support Freeview Plus once available on the VAST platform.


  • VAST Certified with over the air software upgrade for future features.
  • Smallest VAST Certified Set Top Box on the market, ideal for Caravan and RV enthusiasts.
  • Market leading performance with simple installation wizard, fast channel change.
  • Twin Tuner hardware supporting PVR ready functionality to ensure you never miss your favorite show whilst incorporating future proof Uni-cable LNB technology (single cable).
  • Market leading Technology and Software packed with features to make the setup, viewing and operation as easy and intuitive as possible.
  • Rugged design and construction to suit the harsh Australian environment with several built-in features to protect your device when connected to 240V mains, Generators or 12V DC battery installations.
  • Low power consumption for 12V DC installation and Australian MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standard) compliant ensuring we are environmentally responsible.
  • Backed by 20 years of VAST experience and national aftersales support for real peace of mind.

What's included:

  • DSD4921RV STB
  • A High quality remote control unit with functional, easy to use, ergonomic designed layout and batteries.
  • 240V AC wall mount power supply with power available indicator.
  • 1.5 meter HDMI cable.
  • User Manual.

 Whats Vast TV? Free to air digital television and radio channels via Satellite for those living in remote areas or who are unable to receive digital TV through their normal antenna because of issues relating to local interference, terrain or distance from the transmitter in their area. The VAST decoder can be registered as a permanent or traveller registration. A permanent registration is for households with a fixed installation of the decoder. A traveller registration covers people who as part of their travelling are in areas of Australia not covered by normal terrestrial television. Access to  available channels is based on which state your box is registered to.

The unit can be used for either VAST traveller customers (12 Volt) or VAST at home customers (240 Volt) via the included power pack. For self installation SatKing has developed an internal signal finder with an intensity beeper to assist with installations the higher the signal the faster the beeping and an electronic map built in to give you your coordinates for easier dish positioning. The unit also has a detailed electronic help guide and handy features like a USB speed test to test your USB device. For the VAST traveller caravan market the unit also has an optional IR target so you can place the VAST decoder in a cupboard and hide the unit out of sight also handy two place the unit behind large screen TV’s in home when you don’t want to look at the STB. Commercial installations and customers with older TV’s will find the built in RF modulator of great assistance, you can simply use the SatKing decoder on any TV new or old without any extra expense.


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