Enerdrive 12v 100ah eLITE Lithium Battery LiFePO4 Battery Tray & Strap

Enerdrive eLITE 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery, 5 Year Warranty.


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Enerdrive eLITE 12v 100ah Lithium Iron LiFePO4 Battery EPL-100-12VLITE

The new 2021 Enerdrive 12v 100Ah eLITE Lithium Battery includes the same Prismatic Cells as found in the 100Ah B-TEC Lithium battery. So you know your getting a high quality built battery. The main difference is the removal of bluetooth battery monitoring system. The battery is still equipped with an internal Battery Management System that can monitor and optimise each Prismatic cell within the battery during normal operation. It will protect the battery pack from over charge, over discharge, over temperature & short circuit. The BMS helps to ensure safe and accurate operation of the battery.

The battery comes with both battery a tray and straps to ensure the best stability and user function of the Enerdrive eLITE 100Ah battery.

ALL Enerdrive products and systems now come with a 5 year warranty and lifetime tech support. Enerdrive holds a proven track record for near perfect resolve, so end-users can rest assured they are in good hands. The Enerdrive eLITE battery provides 60% more usable power than its equivalent lead acid cousin and being nearly 50% lighter and 30% smaller makes for a superior alternative.


• All the same quality prismatic cells as found in Enerdrive B-TEC range

• Metal Battery Tray and hold down strap for quick and simple installation

• 100Amp Battery Monitoring System allowing up to 1000w Max Inverter Load

• Raised Terminals for 360 degree cable connections

• Up to 5 Year Warranty with 3 Year Full Replacement for Peace of Mind


Normal SpecificationEPL-100-12VLITE
Nominal Voltage 12.8V
Nominal Capacity 100Ah
Cycle Life (DOD – 80% under controlled conditions) ≥ 2000 Cycles
Standard Charge Specification (Lithium profile charger required)
Battery Charge Temperature 0 ̴ 45°C
Normal Charge Voltage CV/CC* 14.20 ̴ 14.60V
Standby (Float) Voltage 13.50 ̴ 13.60V
Maximum Charge Current 80A @ 25°C for 30mins
Recommended Charge Current for Maximum Life ≤33A
Standard Discharge Specification
Battery Discharge Temperature -20 ̴ 60°C
Battery Output Voltage Range 11.00 ̴ 14.60V
Maximum Discharge Current 100A @ 25°C ± 5°C for 30mins
Pulse Discharge Current 450A for 1.0s
Discharge Cut-off Voltage ≤11.20V
Circuit Protection The battery is supplied with a LiFePO4 Battery Management System BMS that can monitor and optimize each single prismatic cell during charge & discharge, to protect the battery pack from overcharge, over discharge & short circuit. Overall, the BMS helps to ensure safe and accurate operation of the battery.
Over-Charge Protection
Over-charge Protection Per Cell 3.90V ± 0.03V
Over-charge Release Per Cell 3.60V ± 0.05V
Over-charge Release Method Discharge below release voltage
Over-Discharge Protection
Over-discharge Protection Per Cell 2.50V ± 0.05V
Over-discharge Release Per Cell 3.20V ± 0.05V
Over-discharge Release Method Apply Charge/Voltage ≥12.8V
Battery Manual Reset Button No
Over Current Protection
Discharge Over Current 110A for 30s – 450A for 1s
Protection Reset Time 5s Auto Release
Over Current Release Method Disconnect Load
Over Temperature Protection
Battery Discharge Over Temperature Protection to 65°C ± 5°C
  Release at 50°C ± 5°C
Battery Charge Over Temperature Protection to 55°C ± 5°C
  Release at 45°C ± 5°C
Short Circuit Protection Auto release after 5s
Mechanical Characteristics
Dimensions Length 310mm
  Width 170mm
  Height 225mm
Weight Approx 12kg
Storage Information
Temperature & Humidity Range ≤ 30 days -20°C ̴ 35°C, 45 ̴ 75% RH
  ≥ 30 days -10°C ̴ 30°C, 45 ̴ 75% RH
Self-discharge Rate ≤ 3% Per Month


Please Note; The eLITE battery is capable to be paralleled to a second eLITE battery of the same size. For maximum performance and lifespan of your eLITE battery, no more than 2 batteries should be connected together to increase your overall capacity. Overall loads when paralleled should not exceed the current limits of a single batteries BMS.

The 100Ah battery is able to accept a maximum inverter capacity of 1000W only. Exceeding the maximum inverter capacity can damage the BMS Management within the battery.

If you are requiring a battery system larger than eLITE, please look at the ePOWER B-TEC battery range or the Enerdrive Pro Series Power Pack Systems of which can offer multiple parallel and series connections with Active Cell Balancing Protection across the entire pack.


IMPORTANT - Incase we don't have stocked item in our warehouse, we can also arrange a direct shipment from our supplier to you.


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