Brake Safe Trailer Break Away Controller Box BA6000

BrakeSafe Trailer Break Away Controller 12v DC BA6000

BrakeSafe Trailer Break Away Controller 12v DC BA6000

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Brakesafe Break-Away Controller BA6000

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The Brakesafe Break-Away system for 2 or 4 wheel trailer brakes is designed to apply the brakes and brake lights on a trailer or caravan should it accidentally separate from the tow vehicle.

The system has a built in battery that can be charged from the tow vehicle's auxiliary line or by a battery charger.

The easy to operate test button is used to indicate the level of charge in the battery. This should be checked before the trailer is towed.

Charging of the Break-Safe battery can be done via the tow vehicle auxiliary line (Break-Safe black wire) or by connecting a small battery charger (8 amps maximum) to the red and black terminals on the front of the Break-Safe box. The orange charge light next to the red terminal will illuminate when the Break-Safe battery is connected to 12 volts for charging. The charging system in the Break-Safe unit is a trickle charge circuit only and it may take several hours for the battery to fully recharge.

The Break-Safe should be mounted internally but can be mounted externally if necessary although the Break-Safe is not waterproof and should have a rain and splash cover if it is mounted externally. The mounted position of the Break-Safe should be determined by the installer in conjunction with the vehicle owner’s preference. When mounting inside the trailer or caravan, choose a position where air can circulate around the box. Do not position the box where articles can be stored against it as they may activate the test button.

Brakesafe BA6000 Specifications

Input (Operating) Voltage 12VDC
Warranty 2 Years
Length (mm) 170
Width (mm) 160
Height (mm) 90
Weight (kg) 3.6
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