Baintech Baintuff 120W BTBLANKET120 Solar Panel

Baintech Baintuff 120W Folding Solar Blanket Panel Caravan Camper 4WD 12V

Baintech Baintuff 120W Folding Solar Blanket Panel Caravan Camper 4WD 12V

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120W Baintuff Solar Blanket by Baintech With PWM Light 12/24 Regulator included.


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NEW Baintuff 120W Solar Blanket by Baintech

The NEW 120W Baintuff Solar Blanket from Baintech comes standard with a smart 20amp 12/24v PWM with chemistry profiles for 3 types of batteries – sealed, GEL, and Flooded.

Introducing the new Baintech 120W Solar Blanket -Lightweight, portable and class leading power in a blanket type solar panel. It’s weather resistant and it won’t scratch your paintwork, and as the afternoon rolls in and the sun shifts in the sky you can easily reposition it on your windscreen or the side of the roof rack to soak up every last ray.

Powerful 120W: Charge up batteries quickly in optimal weather conditions
Portable: Lightweight, compact and easy to fold up
Waterproof: Suitable for the outdoor environment
Affordable: Best value solar blanket on the market
Safe: Made with high quality materials

High efficiency panels

The solar panel efficiency is up to 18%, while most of the similar products on the market are 18% or lower. Unique design, equipped with voltage regulator to ensure stability. Traditionally, portable solar charging has not been considered a stable source of power. A solar panel powered by unstable sunlight leads to unstable current and voltage, which will shorten your devices life or even damage it. Our solar blankets' voltage regulator keeps a consistent current running to your device prolonging its life.

Automatically recognised USB IC built in

Most folding solar panels with a USB connector cannot charge some types of mobile phones due to not having an automatically recognised USB IC. The special IC makes te charging current as powerful as possible so the charging rate is a lot quicker, whereas other kinds of folding solar panels only consume some of the output current, making the charging time much longer.

Other notable points with the Baintech Solar Blanket 120W

• 2m extension cable with DC input into panel and red anderson plug other end (labelled with red colour to denote that it is unregulated as opposed to standard grey)
• Effciency is signifigantly higher than a standard folding type mono portable solar panel.
• 2yr Australian Manufacturer Warranty by Baintech

Technical Specifications

Efficiency: Up to 18%

Output: 5.5V/2A & 18V/6.6A

Solar Cell: Monocrystalline Sunpower solar cell

Rated Power: 18V 120W

Unfolded Size: 1560mm x 770mm

Weight: 3.6kg

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