Amptron 40A 12V / 24V MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Amptron 40A MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12V 24V Bluetooth Lithium Profile

Amptron 40A MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12V 24V Bluetooth Lithium Profile

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Amptron BluPower 40A 12V / 24V MPPT Solar Charge Controller with Bluetooth

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Amptron new BluPower 40A 12 / 24V MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Advanced high-efficiency and ultra-fast Multi-peak Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar charge controller with built-in Bluetooth. The controller is customisable and compatible with several battery types including Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. The controller supports temperature compensation and historical data storage to provide comprehensive monitoring of your solar system.

The Maximum Power Point Tracking algorithm increases the energy efficiency, typically 15% to 20% higher than traditional PWM charging efficiency.

  • The controller is compatible with Sealed Lead Acid, Gel, AGM and Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries.
  • Fast MPPT start with ultra fast of sweeping of the entire V-I curve.
  • Smart MPPT algorithm ensures a better tracking in multiple power points.
  • High PV harvest performance in weak sunlight conditions, advanced multi-peak tracking can accurately track the optimum power with partial shading.
  • Excellent peak efficiency exceeds 98%.
  • Bluetooth + Android & IOS App available.
  • Support automatic identification of battery voltage.
  • Over rating electronic components to minimize the power loss from heating, full charge power output up to 45ºC.
  • Supports external battery voltage sampling in order to compensate for voltage drop and losses in the wiring, allowing more accurate setting of control parameters.
  • Supports temperature compensation by automatically adjusting or turning off the charge and     discharge parameters to avoid battery overheating to prolong battery life.
  • LCD screen displays key operating information and facilitates parameter settings.
  • Advanced protections for battery charging & discharging.
  • No cooling fan, over-rated heatsink and electronic components. Built-in over temperature protection mechanism. The charge current and load will be decreased with temperature increase to reduce the controller’s temperature rise.
  • Allowance for exceeding the rated solar input power by max 25% without controller damage.
  • Extensive electronics protections including PV reverse polarity & reverse current protection.
  • Supports historical data storage with 300 days data logging.
  • Supports standard RS 485 MODBUS protocol for external communications.
  • The controller is negative grounded.
  • Optional external LCD monitor available.
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