Trailer Repairs & Maintenance

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Trailer Camper Australia specialise in all types of  trailer repairs and also offer ongoing trailer maintainence for box trailers, tradesman trailers, tandem trailers, car trailers, camper trailers, caravans and motor homes.  Wether your looking for replacement axles, hubs, bearings, new leaf springs or suspension we can have your trailer repaired and back on the road in no time flat.  Springs, shackles, and U bolts should be regularly checked for damage and security.  Tyres deteriorate from standing so they should be inspected every time the trailer is used. 
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Wheel bearings should ideally be serviced annually as they can deteriorate from standing for long periods.  Most small trailers will not have brakes, however where fitted, their operation should be checked every time the trailer is used. We also offer quick turn around times for rewiring to LED trailer lights. Call for details
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Heavy towing is hard on a vehicle so expect to spend more on servicing and maintenance if you tow regularly. Most vehicle manufacturers regard towing as severe use and vehicle maintenance schedules usually outline what additional servicing is required. However don’t overlook the fact that things like tyres and brakes will also wear out faster when towing.

Maintenance of caravans and camper trailers is much the same as for the other types of trailers already mentioned. However the operation of the braking system, tyre condition and suspension maintenance is even more critical with a heavy caravan. If you have an off road camper or caravan and you use it on the beach, attention to potential rust problems is also vital.

Trailer couplings, safety chains and lights must be maintained in good working condition. 

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