VANSAT 45cm SeaTV Marine Satellite TV System

VANSAT 45cm SeaTV Marine Satellite TV System

VANSAT 45cm SeaTV Marine Satellite TV System

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Australia's Newest and Most Technologically Advanced Marine Satellite TV System

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VANSAT 45cm SeaTV Marine Satellite TV System

Australia's Newest and Most Technologically Advanced Marine Satellite TV System

SeaTV incorporates cutting edge electronics and mechanics to provide a stable satellite television picture even in inclement weather. This is achieved by the rapid response servo motors driven by GPS and Gyro sensors resulting in fastest in class tracking against competing products.

The SeaTV satellite dish (the heart of the system) is the latest European design maximising signal strength versus dish size. The result is superb high output signal level in a wider footprint (ocean coverage) compared to many existing dish sizes. See below for the predicted coverage map for the 45cm and 60cm versions of the system (coverage may vary and is also dependant on atmosphere and local conditions).

Designed in Australia and manufactured in Europe to VANSAT's stringent quality control program you can be assured of the very best coverage and poor weather tracking available in class. This is backed up by our unrivalled 3 year warranty on the product - more than triple the warranty offered on other units.

Super Gain Dish

The SeaTV Super Gain Dish outperforms every other equivalent system tested for the same dish size. We give you a larger coverage area for matching models across every brand sold in Australia. Guaranteed performance voyage after voyage and year after year.

High Efficiency Wave Guide

Extremely efficient wave guide design ensures the maximum energy transfer from the dish to the rear mounted LNB assembly via the sub reflector and conduit.

Quality Bearing Assemblies

Extremely precise and high quality bearings are used on all major points of movement.

Stainless/Aluminium Construction

Stainless and Aluminium construction used extensively throughout to ensure great stability, build quality and corrosion resistance.

Multichannel GPS Module

Multichannel GPS Module ensures rapid lock and accurate in-motion tracking anywhere on the planet in the coverage regions.

Dynamic Automatic Skew

Dynamic Automatic Skew. Dynamic skew goes beyond standard automatic skew found on most other brand systems by introducing another plane of adjustment. Standard GPS auto skew does not offset for the vessel pitching and rolling. SeaTV brings this dimension to the platform. By using a cutting edge tilt motion sensor we dynamically adjust the skew of the LNB constantly as the vessel is underway counteracting this pitch and roll. This feature is generally found on satellite systems costing $15,000 or more. Once again another way SeaTV gives you increased performance in rough weather conditions and an increased coverage area.

Multi Electronic GYRO's

Multiple electronic internal GYRO sensors detect and provide feedback instantly to on-board microprocessors in the dome which in turn adjust the servo motors to keep the system on track.

QUAD LNB (Foxtel/VAST Approved)

Engineered for SeaTV our LNB is tailored for Australian conditions and Australian satellite providers. The Local Oscillator Frequency is the accepted standard of 10700. Quad Outlets give the user versatility for all situations they may encounter, whether this be for VAST, FTA or PayTV uses. Coupled with the Super Gain Dish the LNB works to provide excellent signal even in adverse conditions.

Low Power Stepper Motors

Low Power but high torque DC stepper motors. These motors are designed to run the system 24/7 year after year constantly adjusting the angle and elevation of the dish from smooth weather sailing to rough ocean chop. FACT - We have never had a faulty motor in our SeaTV product.

Microprocessor Control

High performance microprocessors with custom software look at all sensors and provide real-time correction instantly to the dome servo motors. Keeping you on-track and in the picture.

The Control Unit

High Definition

HD High Definition Control Unit - Future proof your investment. The control unit is capable to locking to SD standard definition and HD high definition satellite signals to ensure operating compatibility for many years into the future.

Expansion Slot

Expansion Slot for future service providers. This adapter slot will allow future services using IRDETO CAM technology to interface directly to the system.

Cutting Edge Circuitry and Firmware

Each board is precision manufactured with surface mount soldering techniques, transient spike protection and advanced software algorithms. Altogether these give the user an easy interface, powerful features, and exceptional reliability.

USB Port

USB Port for recordings of received programs and for software updates. Software updates are available from our website and are free of charge to SeaTV owners.

HDMI & AV Composite Video

Both HDMI and AV composite sockets are available on the rear. HDMI is the preferred connection method however AV is also available for older TV compatibility. Both a HDMI and an AV cable are supplied as standard with the SeaTV.

Remote EXTENDER module

Want to mount the SeaTV control unit inside a cardboard out of the way but maintain full remote control operation over it? Simple - use the included Remote Extender. Connect it to this port and place the module out of the way.



  • Reflector 45cm
  • DC Volt 8V > 31V (12/24)
  • Track Speed 60°/sec
  • Integrated GPS
  • Auto-Skew
  • Twin GYRO Units
  • DVBS2/HD Control Unit
  • 3 Year Warranty
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