Redarc BCDC1250D 50 Amp DC to DC Battery Charger MPPT Solar Input

Redarc BCDC1250D 50 Amp DC to DC Battery Charger MPPT Solar Input

Redarc BCDC1250D 50 Amp DC to DC Battery Charger MPPT Solar Input

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Redarc BCDC1250D 50A DC to DC Dual Battery Charger with MPPT Solar regulator. Suitable for AGM, Gel, Lithium & Lead Crystal batteries.


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Redarc BCDC1250D DC to DC 50amp Battery Charger with MPPT Solar Regulator

The next generation in DC to DC charging technology,The REDARC BCDC1250D In-vehicle Battery Charger feature new and exciting features over previous models that make it one of the most advanced dual battery chargers currently on the market. Designed to keep your auxiliary battery charged whilst driving or with portable solar panels when you’re parked, the system charges your auxiliary battery to their optimum levels, using multi-stage DC DC charging. The REDARC BCDC1250D features the next generation in REDARC In-vehicle charging technology, charging from Solar and DC inputs simultaneously.

BCDC1250D has seen advancements in both performance & efficiency with the built-in Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar regulator allowing the unit to charge from both solar and the alternator simultaneously, as well as the new 'Green Power Priority' feature which will select solar charging as priority, meaning less load on the alternator.

Postage Australia Wide - Installs available in Canberra ACT - Full details give us a call on 1300 010 513. Highly recommended charger for AGM, Lithium & Lead Crystal Batteries.

Works With All Battery Types

This highly versatile charger features the same patented charging profiles as it’s predecessor and is compatible with both 12V and 24V battery systems, with a new lithium charging profile for charging AGM, Gel, Standard Lead Acid, Calcium and LiFePO4 batteries. Another great feature of the new BCDC1250D is its ability to work alongside standard and ECU-controlled variable/smart alternators.

Suitable for the majority of applications and battery bank ranging from 75-200AH, the REDARC BCDC1250D boasts multiple levels of fault protection and acts as a dual battery isolator. Should the voltage get too low, the start battery will be protected and with its compact size, ease of install and fully sealed casing it's unobtrusive and can handle the roughest tracks in outback Australia and even deep water crossings at Cape York; water, dust and vibration are no match for the in-vehicle DC smart charger


  • Separate DC and solar charging inputs
  • Maximises the performance and life of your auxiliary battery
  • Simultaneous DC and solar charging with Green Power Priority
  • Suits 12V/24V standard and variable voltage/smart alternators
  • Suitable for AGM, GEL, standard lead acid, calcium and LiFePO4 batteries



Input (Operating) Voltage 9 - 32VDC
Output System Voltage 12VDC
Maximum Charging Voltage 15.3V
Output Current Rating (Cont.) 50A
Input Current (Max.) 55A
Input Fuse Rating 60A
Output Fuse Rating 60A
Standby Current Draw <100mA
Output Power 750W
Width (mm) 120
Height (mm) 37
Length (mm) 165
Weight (kg) 0.95
Warranty 2 Years

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