DPChip Diesel Power Chip EFI Diesel 4wd

DPChip Diesel Power Chip EFI Diesel 4wd

DPChip Diesel Power Chip EFI Diesel 4wd



DPChip gets the most out of your diesel engine letting it perform at its full potential.


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DPChip Diesel Power Tuning Optimisation Chip


Get the most out of your diesel engine with more performance that you didn't know you had!

DCChip Difference:

  • Plug & Play - Pre-loaded with vehicle specific tune
  • User adjustable power control
  • Multi-map live tuning
  • Quality OEM Connectors
  • Developed and Tuned in Australia
Guarantee & Warranty:
  • 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee
  • 6 year warranty
  • New vehicle engine & driveline warranty


Vehicle Models:


What is DPCHIP?

DPChip is an After-Market interactive computer which releases the full potential your vehicle's modern EFI diesel engine. By individually programming and re-mapping the the engine management system the DPChip can increase power by up to 25% and torque by up to 35%. DPChip alters fuel, timing and air characteristics to create smooth power gains.

How does it work?

The DPChip is designed to simply and safely modify the engines fuel injection parameters to increase performance. Once fitted, your vehicle's engine will run at it's full potential.By digitall altering both the fuel volume and fuel timing the DPChip optimises the entire engine map. Be wary of subpar European imitations which only alter fuel volume without fuel timing simultaneously.

Can DPCHIP damage my engine?

No. After many years fine tuning to suit the unique Australian climate and fuel the DPChip keeps everything well within your engine's tolerances. Don't use cheap European knock-offs that aren't designed for the Aussie environment. By optimising the entire fuel map the DPChip increases engine efficiency which in turn also improves engine durability. DPChip is installed downstream of the ECU leaving all error detection and operational safety systems intact. This ensures the DPChip cannot harm your vehicles ECU in anyway.

Will DPChip void my warranty?

No. Some people say that their vehicle manufacturer told them that their vehicle's warranty would be voided if they fit a chip to it. That just isn't true. A factory warranty can't be voided just because of an aftermarket product being installed to it. For the warranty to be voided the aftermarket product would need to be proven as the cause of an issue with the vehicle.

The DPChip can also be completed removed on most vehicle models meaning if you want to hide it from the vehicle manufacturer you can simply unplug it, leaving behind no trace it was there in the first place.

Still worried about your vehicle's factory warranty? We are so confident the DPChip will never cause you any problems that we offer a New Vehicle Engine and Driveline warranty. In the event that a manufacturer does not meet their new vehicle warranty obligations because of the fitting of the DPChip, the customer should obtain a written report from the vehicle manufacturer stating the details of the vehicle problem and that "the DPChip was the cause of the problem and how the DPChip has caused it." If the claim is proven then DPChip will authorise the repairs. We are so confident in the DPChip's top class engineering that we happily offer this warranty to all our customers.

How long does the DPChip take to fit?

Depending on the application, it could take as little as 5-10 minutes by simply plugging in; while a wire-in DPChip harness can take up to an hour. Anyone with average DIY skills can install the DPChip themselves by following the detailed and illustrated instructions or it can be installed by one of DPChip's nationwide distributors or even by your chosen auto-electrictian.

Will DPChip give me better fuel results?

It depends. While the DPChip can achieve up to 10% better fuel economy in some cases there are many factors that go into it. DPChip provides more torque earlier and longer throughout the rev range which allows gear down changes less often resulting in better fuel economy. The biggest influence is driving style. Driving conservatively will give you the best results however we do not recommend getting a DPChip fitted for the sole purpose of better fuel economy.

Why is DPChip better than other chips on the market?

The injection cycle of a Common Rail Diesel system consists of:

  1. The Point that the Injector opens
  2. The Fuel Rail Pressure
  3. The Point that the injector closes

The DPChip manipulates the signals that affect all 3 critical areas whereas other chips only affect one at a time dramatically increasing fuel pressure rails to unsafe levels. Beware of chips made in different countries as they have not been designed for the Australian climate or fuel mixtures.

When you purchase a DPChip you also get world class product support. DPChip is an Australian product meaning if you have any trouble you deal with a local and don't have to sit on hold with someone halfway around the world

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