Cruisemaster DO45 PLUS 4.5T Off-Road Coupling with Handbrake

Cruisemaster DO45 PLUS 4.5T Off Road Coupling with Handbrake Bolts

Cruisemaster DO45 PLUS 4.5T Off Road Coupling with Handbrake Bolts

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Cruisemaster DO45 Plus 4.5T with Handbrake & Bolts Off-Road Trailer Caravan Coupling

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Cruisemaster DO45 Plus 4.5T (With Handbrake & Bolts) Off Road Pin Coupling

The DO45 is the big brother of the DO35. Caravans up to 4.5 tonnes can have the benefit of a heavy-duty off-road WDH compatible hitch. This coupling also incorporates a double automatic locking mechanism, massive articulation in all directions simultaneously and the patented self-aligning pin. 

In addition the DO45 has some new features. These include a safety dust cover which ensures that when fitted the coupling is correctly locked and ready to go. As well as this a front cushion is fitted to reduce any damage to the tow vehicle should the coupling process be taken a bit ambitiously. The drop-on facility come into its own when trying to couple up on uneven and soft surfaces where trying to level up the tow vehicle and caravan or camper trailer can be extremely difficult.

Like all Cruisemaster™ products our couplings range is designed and tested to perform under Australian Conditions. Each year, Cruisemaster™ vigorously remote area test new coupling designs and features with highly sophisticated Motec Data logging technology such as temperature sensors, G-force sensors, height sensors & comprehensive GPS tracking software.


  • Patented “Checklock” Gen.2 Dust Cap & Bumper for an easy, secure seal
  • Improved Bumper now includes reflective reversing strip for easy alignment
  • Rear support webbing allows for mounting upside down on the underside of the drawbar


  • D-Value & V-Value ADR Compliant
  • 2 Stage ADR compliant locking mechanism
  • Low profile Bumper & Cap for impressive clearance
  • High articulation for improved handling off-road and on unmaintained roads
  • Available with or without handbrake
  • Suitable for use with Weight Distribution System’s (where applicable)
  • Forged Yoke and Rear Nut for added strength
  • One piece light weight Cast Housing
  • Improved towing safety
  • Combination of zn-ni and e-coat for superior corrosion protection
  • Greaseable Bushes for easy maintenance and noise free towing
  • No tow ball height restrictions
  • R.A.T Run Tested and Proven
  • Handbrake Included
ARTICULATION: 360 degrees axial, minimum 70 degrees other axes.
LOCKING: Fully ADR 62/02 compliant including automatic secondary lock
BOLT PATTERN: 4 bolts at 185mm x 76mm (Front) x 54mm (Rear)
RATING: 4.5 Tonne
MAINTENANCE: Fully Greasable

*Please note while the DO45Plus’s Zn-Ni with E-Coat provides superior corrosion protection it may fade with extended exposure to UV. This does not affect the operation of the DO45Plus. To best maintain the finish of the product, we recommend covering the DO45Plus coupling when not in use if stored outside and exposed to direct UV.

DO45 Version 1 & DO45Plus accessories and fittings are not interchangable

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