Cruisemaster DO35 V3 Plus 3.5T Off-Road Coupling

Cruisemaster DO35 3.5T Off-Road Coupling Trailer Caravan Hitch V3-R Plus

Cruisemaster DO35 3.5T Off-Road Coupling Trailer Caravan Hitch V3-R Plus

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Cruisemaster DO35 V3-R 3.5T Off-Road Coupling with mounting bolts kit.


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Cruisemaster DO35 V3-R Coupling with Mounting Bolts

The V3-I kit includes the Cruisemaster DO35 V3Plus Off-Road Coupling with Fitment Bolts. The Cruisemaster DO35 uses what is considered the standard 4 bolt mounting pattern in Australia, meaning it’s really easy to upgrade from a standard ball or poly block type coupling.

The new DO35 V3 Plus is both the Strongest & Safest Off-Road Coupling Cruisemaster has designed to date. Featuring a high articulation design, simple to use 2 Stage positive locking mechanism and drop-on design. The patented “Checklock” Cap is both dust protection and a fool proof safety check, with the cap only fitting on the coupling when the lock is correctly activated. 

Cruismaster Off Road Couplings come standard with a 3 year warranty - Plus a Network of Approved Repairs and Service agents Australia wide.


  • Patented “Checklock” Gen.2 Dust Cap & Bumper for an easy, secure seal
  • Improved Bumper molding gives the from reflector strip improved staying power
  • Rear support webbing allows for mounting upside down on the underside of the drawbar


  • 2 Stage ADR compliant locking mechanism
  • Low profile Bumper & Cap for impressive clearance
  • High articulation for improved handling off-road and on unmaintained roads
  • Suitable for use with most Weight Distribution System’s
  • Forged Yoke and Rear Nut for added strength
  • Exceeds ADR 62/01 and 62/02 strength requirements
  • One piece light weight Cast Housing
  • Standard Aus bolt pattern for easy fitment
  • 7/8” shaft to fit most std. tow tongues
  • Improved towing safety
  • Combination of zn-ni and e-coat for superior corrosion protection
  • Greaseable Bushes for easy maintenance and noise free towing
  • No tow ball height restrictions
  • R.A.T Run Tested and Proven


ARTICULATION: 360 degrees axial, minimum 70 degrees other axes.
LOCKING: Fully ADR 62/02 compliant including automatic secondary lock
BOLT PATTERN: 4 bolts at 185mm x 54mm
RATING: 3.5 Tonne
MAINTENANCE: Fully Greasable

Using Weight Distribution Hitches WDH with the Cruisemaster DO35 Coupling

The DO35 V3Plus can be used with load distribution hitches providing the coupling movement is not obstructed and the maximum downward load of 350kg (772lb) prior to tightening of bars is not exceeded. With a WDH adaptor attached to the vehicle, clearance should also be checked to ensure the trailer drawbar does not foul, particularly in tight reversing situations. *WDH Adaptors for inproved clearance with Hayman Reese Systems Available.

Bolting the DO35 V3 Coupling onto the Drawbar - Mounting Bolts Supplied with V3-R Kit

Always use four new bolts to secure Coupling to Trailer. Bolt grades to be minimum M12 Class 8.8 torqued to 90Nm (66lbs.ft) or ½” Grade 5 bolts torqued to 100Nm (74lbs.ft). Use either nylon insert nuts or spring washers. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WELD the coupling to the drawbar. The coupling must always be mounted flat on the drawbar plate.

Mounting the DO35 Tow Pin onto the Tow Bar

Fit tow pin to towbar using spring washer and 7/8” nut supplied and torque to 440Nm (325lbs.ft) It may be necessary to hold the tow pin in place using the supplied c-spanner.


  • DO35 V3Plus (No Handbrake)
  • Tow Pin 7/8" Shaft 
  • Tow Pin Cover
  • Universal C-Spanner
  • Fitment Bolts
  • User Guide
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