ArkPak AP730P Portable Battery Box + 110Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery

ArkPak AP730P Portable Battery Box + 110Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery

ArkPak AP730P Portable Battery Box + 110Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery

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ArkPak AP730P Pure Sine Wave Portable Battery Box with a 110Ah SolarKing AGM Deep Cycle Battery.

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AP730P-110Ah AGM

ArkPak AP730P Portable Battery Box + SolarKing 110Ah AGM Battery

ArkPak AP730P:

240V and 12V Portable Power - anytime, anywhere - Battery management system and a dual-battery system all in one.

Better yet, you can now run and recharge your most sensitive devices such as drones, cameras, studio gear, computers, laptops and even Bi-PAP/CPAP machines - giving you more freedom to be creative, stay connected and tour in safety!

The only Portable battery box on the market with 7 Stage AC & DC Charging built in

The ArkPak seven stage smart charger is based on an advanced software program that monitors your battery. It’s designed to regulate the charge to the internal 12V battery throughout its life just by leaving it plugged in at home. So you don’t have to worry about checking the battery every few hours, the ArkPak has a Time Tracker function. It’s essentially an on-board microprocessor that constantly assesses the state of the battery. It tells you both the percentage of battery remaining, and the number of hours until it’s full during charging via an interactive LCD screen

Smart charge will select from the following cycles to optimise your battery’s performance.

Stage 1: Testing - Checks the battery capacity when the ArkPak is first turned on and predicts the hours left until fully charged.
Stage 2: Charge - commences recovery of battery back to peak voltage. Charges the battery up to a set voltage at which point the battery is approximately 95% charged. Please note if you are using an external charging source (e.g. solar panel) the screen will show “external cycle” after a few minutes of charging since the internal smart charger is bypassed.
Stage 3: Bulk - Period just before boost when volts are constant.
Stage 4: Boost - Peak charge for maximum performance. Battery is charged for 1.5 hours at constant voltage. At the end of boost the battery is 100% charged.
Stage 5: Resting - Allows the battery to consolidate after boost. The ArkPak ceases charging and allows the battery to rest while allowing voltage to drop to float voltage.
Stage 6: Float - Maintains performance and prolongs battery life. Battery is continually monitored and voltage is maintained at 13.5V (13.7V for lithium iron phosphate) by automatically adjusting charge current for 500 hours.
Stage 7: Re-Awaken - Exercising the battery and avoiding sulphation build-up. After 500 hours of conditioning the charger automatically returns to charge cycle.

Charging the Battery using Solar Panels (not supplied) You can charge the battery via the external terminals using a solar panel array. To do this the isolator switch must be in the ‘on’ position. The smart charge PCB will be bypassed with this configuration so there will be no control over battery voltage. It is important to use an external voltage regulator (not supplied) when using solar panels. The main data screen will show “external cycle” after a few minutes of charging. In this case the time left figure is not displayed and the normal charging stages are bypassed.

Charging the Battery with an External Charger using the External Terminals or Accessory Sockets Connecting the battery via the external terminals or accessory sockets to an external charging source can be done as long as your charging source is regulated. The reason is because this method bypasses the internal smart charger. The main data screen will show “external cycle” after a few minutes of charging in this case.

The ArkPak AP730P is compatible with all 4WD batteries, including lithium, lead acid, calcium, gel and AGM of up to 130Ah in size. A time-saving feature is the easy step-by-step guide that takes you through the new battery set-up process, remembers the last battery you used, and will warn you if there’s a fault with the battery. Once you’ve dropped in your battery, ARK tells us you’ll get up to three days of continuous 240V power, or up to seven days of 12V power from a 130Ah deep-cycle battery based on the power consumption of a 37L fridge/freezer.

If you’ve got someone in the family who simply won’t leave home without their slice of technology, the Arkpak AP730P has a built-in 300W PURE SINE WAVE inverter provides 240V power without the need to run an external inverter or additional cabling. Power is delivered through the 240V mains socket, two 12V cigarette lighter ports, a 5V USB connection, external high-current terminals or via the 50A Anderson plug, all of which can be used simultaneously.

A beaut feature for those struggling to find room for a second battery under your bonnet is the now inlcuded DC-DC 12V Car Charger that lets you charge up and run your ArkPak via your vehicle’s 12V lighter socket. What this means is you can charge your ArkPak using the 4WD’s alternator just like a conventional dual-battery system

AP730P Features:

  • Built-in 7 amp AC & DC 7 stage smart charger. 
  • Built-in 300 pure sine wave inverter & 240V socket
  • 2 x 10 amp 12V accessory ports
  • 1 x 50 amp Anderson Plug
  • 1 x 5 Volt  USB Port
  • Isolator Switch
  • 2 x Protected external high current terminals
  • Time tracker technology with LCD Screen 
  • Strong easy carry handle
  • Battery compatibility: LiFePO4, Gel, Calcium, AGM, Lead acid

Technical specifications:

  • Weight: 4.62kg
  • External dimensions: 240mm wide x 440mm long x 327mm high
  • Internal dimensons: 180mm wide x 330mm long x 238mm high

SolarKing 110Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery:

The SolarKing Deep Cycle AGM battery is perfect for caravan and RV use. Being deep cycle you are able to run the battery down much lower than a car battery and the re-charge again without damaging the battery.


  • Dimensions: 329 x 171 x 214 mm
  • Weight: 31kgs (approximately)
  • Voltage output: 12 Volt DC
  • Amp hours: 110 AMP


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