Hitch-Ezy 3.5T Off Road Automatic Trailer Coupling Hitch Camper Caravan

Hitch-Ezy 3.5T Off Road Trailer Caravan Coupling. The Ultimate Off Road Hitch. The standard bolt pattern allows for retro-fitting

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Hitch-Ezy 3.5T Kit Trailer Coupling Off Road Camper Caravan

How is Hitch-Ezy different? It's Australian Designed & Manufactured

New 2020 Model features include;

- Lower profile for improved rear-door / tailgate clearance
- Added security as you can lock the dummy pillar inside the disconnected coupling
- Improved arthritis aid
- Aesthetic improvements
- Available with 7/8 inch or 1.25 inch pillar, (or Anderson pillar on request)

1. The Hitch-Ezy Off Road Coupling features automatic double locking, a major safety feature. The disengaged coupling remains in the unlocked/ready-to-engage status so the coupling does not need to be manually opened  during the coupling process and automatic double locking occurs upon full descent of the sleeve over the tow-pillar. Critically though only the automatic double locking mechanism will continually relock itself if there is third party interference with the connected coupling during the owners absence.

2. Naturally Hitch-Ezy offers unlimited articulation and towing is both smooth and silent.

3. Hitch-Ezy’s patented tow-pillar design ensures that the coupling will always release smoothly regardless of any angle or residual sideways, forward or backward load between the towed and towing vehicles. No more episodes of lifting the back of the tow vehicle up as you wind up the jockey wheel!

4. The diameter of Hitch-Ezy’s tow-pillar head is much larger than its competitors and this ensures that it is easier to engage by either a “drop on” or “back into” technique.

Engineering Excellence

• Australian Design Rule compliant + CRN for original equipment manufacture.
• Standard 4 bolt pattern allows for easy retro-fitting. 4 high tensile mounting bolts, washers and nyloc nuts included.
• Tool supplied to control tow-pillar rotation when fitting/removing.
• Dummy tow-pillar keeps the disconnected coupling clean.
• O-rings seals keep the internals free of dust and water.
• Optional 7/8” or 1.25” shank diameter on tow-pillar.
• Yoke strength is obtained by forged (not cast) manufacture method.
• Yoke pivot-bolts cannot be removed when sleeve is engaged on the tow-pillar.
• Longitudinal shaft is press fitted into a stepped diameter hole in yoke’s web
• Aluminium bronze bushes are press fitted into the yoke’s arms.
• Handbrake and yoke pivot bolts are marine grade 316 stainless steel.
• One-piece anodized aircraft grade alloy body is fitted with Acetal bushes that do not require lubrication.
• Tow-pillars are case hardened by Oxy Nitro Carburisation.
• All painted parts are zinc-nickel alloy plated prior to painting.
• Aluminium tow-pillar cover stores dummy tow-pillar when towing.
• Disconnected coupling can be padlocked for security.

Ease of Use
• Smooth uncoupling works at any angle or under any residual forward, backward or sideways load between the car and the trailer.
• Couple up by either the back-into/roll-on method or drop-on technique. Coupling never needs adjustment.
• Cannot be connected with the asymmetric yoke in wrong orientation.
• Automatic self-centering when lowered onto the 55mm diameter tow-pillar.
• Automatic double locking whenever fully engaged on the tow-pillar.
• Easy attachment system, no hand force needed. Uncoupling is safely hands-free so both hands can wind up a stiff jockey wheel.

Highly Compatible
• Compatible with weight distribution systems (required spacer included).
• No cantilevering of vertical loads back behind the tow-ball mount hole.
• Unlimited articulation in all three axes of rotation.
• 350-460mm mounting height limit for a 50mm tow-ball is not applicable.
• Coupling can be mounted on the underside of a draw-bar mounting plate.
• Low profile of 135 mm allows for tailgate or 4WD rear door clearance.


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