HUMAX Vast Satellite PVR 1TB HDD Twin Tuner Sat Receiver HDR 1003S

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Humax HDR-1003S Twin Tuner Satellite HD PVR Satellite TV  - 1TB

Vast Satellite TV Enabled - Watch & record digital TV via satellite , use YouTube and iView and access content from your network and USB hard drives. The Humax HDR-1003S is the preferred Satellite Receiver for Caravans, Motorhomes, Camper Trailers & RV's Australia wide. With a massive 1TB hard drive record 2 programs at once with ease in HD.

Vast Twin Tuner Recording (Tri-Mode Enabled)

Humax just doubled your Vast Satelllite TV recording pleasure. Can’t decide on which show to record? Now there’s no need to choose between two shows. You can record both at the same time.


  Humax Vast PVR Twin Tuner HDR-1003S

The HUMAX HDR-1003S VAST PVR Satellite Receiver Decoder  is a twin tuner satellite receiver and PVR complete with a 1TB hard disk drive.  Record 300 - 500 hours of standard definition TV programs and about 200 hours for high definition TV programs.  This Personal Video Recorder (PVR) permits the viewing of one channel and recording of another at the same time. It is one of only two Twin Tuner PVR boxes certified and approved for use with the Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) service. The VAST system incorporates the very latest satellite modulation, compression and encryption protocols which prevents the use of 3rd party satellite receivers for VAST reception. The VAST box comes complete with a smartcard which is married to the box preventing the smartcard being used in any other box (approved or not).

The HUMAX HDR-1003S 1TB VAST PVR Satellite Receiver Decoder comes with an ethernet port which when connected to the internet enables the play back of programs on approved catch up services.

 Why choose MYTCA Trailer Camper Australia for your Vast Satellite TV Services?

Canberra Based - MYTCA have over 10yrs Satelllite TV Installation and Aurora & Vast TV experience. We are located at 3 Whyalla St Fyshwick ACT. Our showroom is open 6 days a week. Caravans and Camper trailers is our forte and have first hand experience with Satellite products both install and retail. Give us a call if you have any questions, our staff are fully trained in all aspects of Vast TV and Satellite for travel. Contact us via email or phone 1300 010 513

Vast TV Changing the way you watch TV via Satellite

The Viewer Access Satellite Television service, or VAST, is a satellite television platform in Australia, providing digital television and radio services to remote and black spot areas using the Optus C1 and Optus D3 satellite. It is partly funded by the Australian Government and managed through a joint-venture between Southern Cross Media and Imparja Television. It is a replacement for the Optus Aurora service and provides channels which have been absent on free-to-view satellite until now, such as a Network Ten affiliate, and the digital multichannels.

Activations & Pre-Approval

Before purchesing a VAST box, we recommend you complete a “pre-approval” from the VAST activation administrators, mysattv. You can do this via the following.
1. Visit
2. Type your address in the Myswitch section
3. Click the Satellite Eligibity Tab and click the Apply Here link
4. Follow the prompts and you will end up at the Mysattv’s registration page.
5. Complete your details and use the VAST smartcard number 4200000000.
6. You’ll receive an email from Mysattv telling you if you are eligible for the VAST commercial channels for your area.

Once you are ready for activation, ensure the satellite receiver is plugged in and can receive channel 800 (the tuning channel) and repeat the steps above. Just ensure you use the VAST smartcard number found on the smartcard itself.

WA VAST Channel Number Listings

2. ABC1 WA, 3. SBS ONE WA, 5. TEN, 6. GWN7, 8. WIN, 22. ABC2/ABC4 WA, 23. ABC3 WA, 24. ABC News 24, 30. SBS HD WA, 32. SBS TWO WA, 34. NITV, 50. ONE, 55. ELEVEN, 62. 7TWO, 63. 7MATE, 64. 4ME, 80. GEM, 84. GOLD, 88. GO!, 221. ABC1 NSW, 222. , BC2/ABC4 SE, 223. ABC3 SE, 224. ABC News 24 SE, 231. ABC1 VIC, 241. ABC1 QLD, 242. ABC2/ABC4 QLD, 243. ABC3 QLD, 244. ABC News 24 QLD, 251. ABC1 SA, 252. ABC2/ABC4 SA, 253. ABC3 SA, 254. ABC News 24 SA, 271. ABC1 TAS, 281. ABC1 NT, 282. ABC2/ABC4 NT, 283. ABC3 NT, 284. ABC News 24 NT, 320. SBS HD NSW, 321. SBS ONE NSW, 322. SBS TWO SE, 330. SBS HD VIC, 331. SBS ONE VIC, 340. SBS HD QLD, , 341. SBS ONE QLD, 342. SBS TWO QLD, 350. SBS HD SA, 351. SBS ONE SA, 352. SBS TWO SA, 370. SBS HD TAS 371. SBS ONE TAS, 380. SBS HD NT, 381. SBS ONE NT, 382. SBS TWO NT, 600. RURAL HEALTH CH, 601. ICTV, 602. WESTLINK, 800. INFO CHANNEL, 801. D3 TUNE CHAN, 802. INFO 2.

Eastern States Channel Number Listings

1. ONE, 2. ABC1, 3. SBS ONE, 4. Regional News Guide, 7. SCTV, 9. IMPARJA, 10. TEN, 11. ELEVEN, 22. ABC2/ABC4, 23. ABC3, 24. ABC24, 30. SBS HD, 32. SBS TWO, 70. 7MATE, 72. 7TWO, 90. GEM, 99. GO


For more information on VAST please visit the Australian GOVT website here




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