Ezytrail 85 Litre Fibreglass Fridge and/or Freezer

This 85l fridge has enough capacity to feed you for weeks in the bush. Lightweight with low power use, this is an ideal fridge for fitting in your camper trailer for offroad use. And it's also ezytrail branded!
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What's better when going out bush then being able to carry your favorite foods along with you? This Ezytrail branded combo fridge freezer has a whopping internal capacity of 85L, which means that you can refrigerate enough food to last you weeks. This fridge is built to last in the outback, acnd comes with a standard 2 year warranty. This fridge freezer is also low in power consumption, and light enough that it doesn't hurt your fuel economy. You can't go wrong with this 85L ezytrail fridge. 
  • New Digital Control Panel  
  • Molded fibreglass construction - Extremely strong & light , can be used as a seat. The box itself has a high gloss skin which has the ability to reflect heat and also makes it extremely easy to clean. (Just use warm soapy water and all smells are washed away (inc fish and spilt milk). With the inner and outer skins it means no joints and no where to house bacteria.
  • Insulation -® Polyal-ISO SPF is used which is a high density refrigeration foam. It has been specially developed by the manufacturers and Evakool  and it is not available to anyone else. The weather will not trouble this fridge as at 43oC this fridge still runs at -19oC which is a 63oC difference (independent test done on RF47).
  • Reliable Performance - Powered by the reliable Evakool EK25DC.
  • Heavy-Duty Suspension - Designed for trouble free "off road" performance.
  • Ingenious & Versatile Fridge and/or Freezer
  • Quiet Operation - Will not keep you awake at night.
  • Low Voltage Protection - Prevents batteries from draining completely.
  • Light Weight - Easy to lift! The 47Lt. Fridge and/or Freezer only weighs 19.5 Kg. (The same size in many other models are up to 35kg.) 
  • LED Lights - Indicates when cycling is occurring, power is on and where a fault is occurring.      
  • Baskets - Standard in all models, both for fridge and freezer compartments.  
  • Fuse Protected - For the extremes of your power supply.
  • Nylon detachable hinges
  • Designed by Evakool and made to our own moulds - They are extremely strong , comfortable and hygienic.  The lid is removable for ease of cleaning and loading and it also leaves no where for germs to build up and smell to come from. The lid also automatically detaches if there is too much force pushed back on the lid while it is open preventing damage to the box.
  • Nylon Handles and Tie Downs - Designed for strength and comfort. Molding to the shape of the fingers preventing cutting & crushing of fingers. These can be used in conjunction with our tie downs to secure the fridge down tight.
  • Computerized diagnostic System - A self diagnostic system which is able to detect faults in the system and communicate with a number of flashes using the fault light.       
  • Marinising - If the fridge is to be used in an environment where there is going to be a high level of salt water (e.g. on a boat), then a marinising procedure can be applied  for a small charge. You will find maranising in our store by clicking here.


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