Lead Crystal Batteries

Lead Crystal Batteries

Lead Crystal batteries can be charged faster, perform better than an AGM deep cycle battery and have similar disharge characteristics to Lithium deep cycle batteries at a third of the price.....in most cases. In recent times we have had a lot of inquiries regarding charging a lead crystal battery. Leading brands such as Redarc can confirm their leading 12v BCDC battery charger is compatible with Lead Crystal on the A setting, the current AGM battery profile.

Bang for buck the Lead Crystal Battery represents great value. If you look at the cycle life versus the cost, it is a clear winner over Deep Cycle AGM Batteries. This amazing battery delivers remarkable cycle life (6000 cycles @ 20% and 3800 cycles @ 50% depth of discharge and 1400 cycles @ 80% depth of discharge)

What is a Lead Crystal® battery?

The unique Lead Crystal® battery consists of a number of special features including: a micro porous high absorbent mat (AGM), thick plates cast from high purity lead calcium selenium alloy (which ensures an extended life), and a SiO2 based electrolyte solution. During the charge / discharge cycles the electrolyte solidifies and forms a white crystalline powder. This eventually results in a safer, high performing and environmentally friendlier battery. The Lead Crystal® battery can be used as a substitute for most battery technologies in the lead category, such as lead acid, lead gel and AGM.

What is the lifespan of a Lead Crystal® battery?

Lead Crystal® has a design life of 18 years.

What is the storage capacity of a Lead Crystal®battery?

The Lead Crystal® has an extremely low self-discharge and can be stored for more than two years without any top-up charging prior to use.

Do Lead Crystal® batteries sulphate?

Due to the construction and chemical reaction inside a Lead Crystal®battery, sulfation hardly ever occurs. Lead Crystal® batteries contain less sulphuric acid. They do not contain toxins such as cadmium or antimony either.

Can Lead Crystal® batteries achieve a 100% Depth of Discharge?

Yes, Lead Crystal® batteries can be discharged in full frequently, even to 0 Volt. This makes Lead Crystal® batteries extremely resilient for deep discharging.

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